A circus is a place where the impossible comes to life. Children marvel at the beauty of the animals, gaze in awe at the juggling geniuses and giggle at the red-nosed clowns. When the circus comes to town, excitement reaches fever pitch. Besides the obvious amazement that awaits, the wide variety of candy-coated snacks and clouds of sugary goodness on sale are enough to drive the children up the walls.

Juggling may appear an easy activity, however, there is more to it than you would expect. It is the incredible skill of the artist that makes it appear so. Juggling is an art form that requires patience, dedication, coordination and a tremendous amount of concentration. The activity itself requires the individual to throw and catch several items at one time, leaving many hanging in the air at any one given moment.

Circus Antics

Joining the circus is a vocation. Not everybody is equipped to handle life on the road as an entertainer. Many are born into the life and know no other existence. While it may seem like a really fun way to fill your days, many are not aware of the hard work that is required to work in a circus. Everybody has to pull their weight and lend a hand where it’s needed. In between all of that you still need to find the time to perfect your own act. Juggling is a skill that is honed through repeated practise and many hours of failed attempts.

Sports Enthusiasts

Believe it or not, juggling is an activity that should be incorporated into the weekly training schedule of any sportsman. While it may sound silly, it is the perfect way to develop and improve coordination. There is no point in increasing your speed, strength and stamina if you don’t have the coordination to put them to good use.