A circus is a place of wonder. Entertainers, comedians, and wonderful specimens of nature are on display for all to see. It is fascinating to see large, usually wild animals behave with such obedience. The sight of large animals performing tasks that are seemingly impossible will leave you in awe.

Training the Giants

Elephants are a magnificent treasure to behold when spotted out in the wild. They are colossal in size and tower over you. They are unpredictable and easily annoyed by lookers-on. Get too close and you may be on the receiving end of a very serious injury or even death. Viewing these giants in the circus is an entirely different scenario. They seem so obedient and in some ways afraid. Elephant training starts at a young age. Often the animals are taken from their mothers and the process is mentally and physically brutal. Sleep deprivation, starvation and beatings are the norms and an attempt at crushing any spirit the elephant has.

Dressing For The Occasion

The circus is all about the show. Big, bold colours, feathers, shiny fabrics and anything else that will attract attention. Elephants in the circus are also subjected to fancy, unnatural accessories. While they don’t wear clothes as such, they are adorned with feathers and beadwork that depict grandeur and royalty.

Saving The Elephants From Defeat

Many animal rights organizations have voiced their concerns about the treatment of elephants within the confines of the circus. They have loudly spoken against the methods used to train these animals. These are animals that should be free and wild and left to behave as such. They are not meant to do tricks and perform, it just isn’t natural. Performing Animal Welfare Society and the Elephant Sanctuary are just two of the groups fighting the battle, however, they are by no means the only ones.