The circus is an entertaining place to be. There are so many different acts to enjoy. Anything from clowns, to jugglers and acrobats are on display. Beautiful costumes, bold makeup and skills that will astonish are what you can expect. Animals are also a huge part of the circus show in its entirety. Wild animals and domestic ones are put on display undertaking tasks that include tricks and well-sequenced dances of sorts.

Cats On The Loose

Wildcats of any sort are difficult to spot in a wild environment. They aren’t fond of prying eyes and interruptions to their feeding and sleeping patterns. The ability to see them in a secure environment like the circus is an opportunity of a lifetime for many. People often forget that these are in fact wild animals and training them to behave in a certain way may be possible, however, you can never guarantee that the wild side won’t rear its head. Every precaution is taken to protect the audience. The trainers are the ones that are put in danger when a cat loses its cool.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

There are many circuses who make use of domestic animals as part of the show. Poodles are the most common dogs seen at these events. While they are cute and feisty they also look gorgeous when properly pruned and dressed. Dogs are easier to train than wild animals. They already have that characteristic within them. Even as pets, dogs are trained to be obedient. Poodles are energetic and light on their feet, making them the perfect candidates for hoop humping maneuvers and the like.

Don’t Forget Humane

The treatment of animals of all kinds in the circus is not always humane. The training methods are brutal, and often life-threatening. The show you watch may amaze you, however, spare a thought for the road travelled to reach that point.