Animals are an enormous part of human existence. People keep a variety of animals as pets and companions. You are even prepared to take long trips and pay large sums of money to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Animals tug at the heartstrings, and can easily make feel inspired on what strategy to use for online slots, as they have the ability to make you feel warm and comforted, or scare you out of your wits.

Animal Games for Girls

Ponies and pooches are a little girls best friend. They also love to get creative and play dress up games. Bringing the two together into one place is like a dream come true for any little girl. Girls Go Games is the perfect platform to keep your princess entertained. The animated animals are portrayed in the most loveable way possible. The large, emotional eyes and adorable mannerisms are an attraction your little girl just won’t be able to tear herself away from.


The Sony Playstation monopoly has taken the use of animals to new heights. Their inclusion of a variety of animals throughout their library of games has proved a huge success. Dogs have been a common denominator. Okami, designed for the Playstation 2 incorporates a main character, Amaterasu, who is a Japanese Shinto sun goddess who has taken the form of a white wolf. Playstation success Final Fantasy 8 features a canine companion for the character Rinoa Heartilly. The dog named Sant’ Angelo De Roma or Angelo for short is by Rinoa’s side through all her Limit Breaks and adventures.

Placing animals in games is a clever attempt at capturing the intended audience. The use of dogs in particular is the smartest move of all. People associate dogs with friendship, loyalty and lifetime companionship. Isn’t that who you would want by your side on any quest? There is really no question about it.