All over the world, there are circus acts – each striving to be the biggest or the best or the most terrifying. Some travel from country to country performing as they go, some are stationary and of these, some perform regularly and some only for a set length each year.

International Circus Festival

One of the most prestigious and definitely the biggest circus events in the world is the International Circus Festival held each year in Monte Carlo, Monaco. This festival is held in a permanent venue which was built specifically for this purpose, and the best acts from all over the world come to perform in the hope of winning the coveted Clown d’ Or, or Golden Clown Award. The festival also includes a youth division know as “New Generation” which is a competition for young adults to participate in and will gold silver or bronze. The acts – being the best in the world – are shocking, stunning and many of them very dangerous. Aiming at pushing the boundaries, jugglers, acrobats, aerial artists, ringmasters of animal acts and dancers but to name a few perform for audiences of more than ten thousand at each show.

Chinese State Circus

Dating back to its inception 25 years ago, Chinese State Circus is a show created around taking everyday objects and turning them into incredible acrobatic tools and tricks. Using traditional Chinese outfits and objects, it is said to leave audiences breathless as they watch world class performances of acrobatics, aerialist, jugglers and traditional Chinese martial arts. The show is an international act and travels the world with its troupe of traditionally trained Chinese performers. While the show uses no live animals, all its performers are trained in the Chinese tradition of Ma Xi (horse theatre). The show is action packed and showcases the best performers China has to offer.